About our School

Our School

Warnbro Community High School is a co-educational secondary public school comprised of 1000 students from Year 7 to 12. Located in the growing suburb of Warnbro, the school has access to many of the educational facilities the City of Rockingham provides such as Challenger TAFE. Warnbro Community High School is a local intake school, however all enrolment applications are considered when possible. The school is recognised by the Department of Education as having approved specialist programs in Adventure Recreation and Creative Art.

Our Motto

The school motto “I am because we are” is written by Fatima Dike, a South African playwright. It epitomises the concept that the individual cannot exist without the community they live in – each individual is inter-dependent on the other.
To become a complete person there must be a recognition that the community is essential to the shaping of the person and the community is dependent on the growth of the people they encourage. Students are encouraged to reflect on this as they progress through their years at school.

Our Logo

Our logo is a reflection of the school motto.
A school of fish is similar to a community, each surviving and prospering with the support of those around them. One of these fish, represented with an eye, is the individual, supported by its community and swimming together with its school.

The star represents technology, an area of focus within the school.