Open Letter to Parents – From the Principal

I extend a warm welcome to all new and returning students for 2019.  As a continuation of our three year plan at Warnbro CHS, our purpose is to provide our students with high quality learning programmes, where high achievement is fostered through quality teaching, academic rigour and opportunity.

We are aiming to maintain a school environment which is calm, friendly and based upon mutual respect and tolerance. We will aim to be a school our students are proud to attend and where they enjoy their learning. Through encouragement, recognition and reward we will seek to promote self-belief and aspiration. We are committed to further improvement in the future and aim to be the school of choice in this education district. It is when the students’ value and take pride in the school and what we achieve here that this can happen.

I am seeking your help in reinforcing that message with your children – that they try to Be their Best, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. There will be a continued focus on rewarding positive and expected behaviours within the school. However, if students disrupt the learning of others, are disrespectful towards a teacher or are aggressive towards any member of the “Warnbro CHS Family” they can expect severe consequences and lengthy suspensions.

There are a few items in particular I wish to bring to your attention

It is compulsory to wear the school uniform. The uniform policy is endorsed by the P&C and School Board.  I was very pleased to see almost all students in the uniform top on Day One – and hope that this continues. Our focus this year is to have all students in navy blue shorts, pants or skirts. I would appreciate your help with this matter. It will be compulsory for all students to wear the official school jumper in 2017. Hooded jumpers are not appropriate under any circumstances.

The target for every student is a 90% attendance rate. This means that they can only afford a few days off per term. Anything less will affect student learning and assessments. Family holidays, attending primary school carnivals, helping at home, etc do not qualify as approved reasons for absence from school, and as per Department of Education policy, will be marked as non-approved absences, even if the school has been informed in advance. Absence from school affects good standing and a child’s opportunity to access extra-curricular activities.

I would like to extend an invitation for parents to become part of our wider school community and am seeking parents to become involved in our P&C as well as our School Board. If you have a few hours every term to give and think that you might like to support the school in this way, please contact the school and ask for Debra Dagnall. Alternatively, send Debra an email at I look forward to meeting parents throughout the year!

Cindy Kerr