About our School’s Policies

The school has clear policies and procedures to assist parents, staff and students in all aspects of college life. All policies and procedures are underpinned by the school’s core beliefs of Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Your Best.

These policies have and will continue to be developed in a consultative manner wherever possible and practicable.

Attendance Policy

Warnbro CHS is committed to ensuring high levels of attendance for all students. We deal with attendance both proactively and reactively

On a proactive level, we:

  • Identify the factors that influence attendance such as family issues, mental health issues, engagement and motivation.
  • Identify strategies/support for the school and individuals to prevent poor attendance.
  • Adopt clear systems and a whole-school approach to recording and monitoring attendance.
  • Encourage a school culture where attendance is a basic expectation for all students and an awareness that processes and support mechanisms are in place where attendance issues arise.
  • Publicly reward good attendance

On a reactive level, we:

  • Respond swiftly with clear consequences for truancy in line with BMIS policy
  • Respond promptly to poor attendance with case conferences, parental involvement, program alteration, flexible timetable or rewards.

It is a legal requirement for all students to attend school every day.

Download our Attendance Policy below.

Policy Student Attendance Policy

Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy

Policy Healthy Food and Drink Policy

Policy Healthy Food and Drink Policy and Procedures

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is our school-wide approach to behaviour. Our goal is to create a safe, positive learning environment where students are engaged and successful.

The core of our school-wide approach to behaviour is our ‘3 Bs,’ which capture our expected behaviours. These are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Your Best.

The 3 Bs

The 3 Bs were developed through workshops with students, staff and parents, and express in a positive way what we are focusing on and expecting.

The expected behaviours are made clear to students and staff through the Behaviour Matrix, which describes what the expected behaviours look like/sound like in different places around the school. The expected behaviours are also explicitly taught during class time. Teams of staff members, with student support, have created videos of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ examples of behaviour, which demonstrate (often in a humorous way) the expected behaviours. During these lessons, students will practice the skills and steps, building their capacity to make positive choices.

Our Approach

A key component of our school-wide approach is encouraging the expected behaviours. Our school-wide approach has a continuum of encouragement strategies used by all staff with all students in all settings. These stragegies include Fleet points as part of our house system, occasional awards such as earning 3B wrist bands, raffles of Fleet points for rewards; and long term positive events for students who have maintained Good or Advanced Standing. These might include reward excursions or in-school activities.

The PBS Leadership Team has representatives from all areas of the school.

School Uniform Policy

After extensive consultation with the school community (students, parents and staff) Warnbro CHS and Warnbro ESC developed a uniform policy aimed at improving the school environment.

The school community has given strong support to the development of this uniform policy.

The main reasons for this support are the uniform:

  • Helps on excursions
  • Looks good
  • Is easy to care for
  • Avoids the fashion race
  • Caters for all seasons
  • Is economical
  • Feels comfortable
  • Helps identify intruders
  • Builds school pride

Click on the link below for a brochure and price list detailing the school uniform. We ask that families continue to support this positive initiative by purchasing sufficient items for their child(ren) and ensuring the correct uniform is worn every day.

Uniform Order Form