Student Health and Wellbeing

Parent Information

The Student Health Care Summary Form (Form 1 below) is to be completed by all parents prior to enrolment and updated if the student’s health care needs change.

The Student Health Care Summary:

  • provides contact details for use in a medical emergency
  • seeks informed consent from parents for any necessary sharing of student’s health information
  • informs parents that in a medical emergency they will be expected to meet the cost of an ambulance
  • asks parents to identify essential health information that could affect their child in an emergency (e.g. allergy to penicillin)
  • asks parents to list ant health conditions their child has and to advise the school if support is required from school staff
  • if support is required, requests parents to complete one or more health care plans provided by the school

Parents will also ne asked to provide a copy of your child’s immunisation record (AIR History Statement – Tel: 1800 653 809)

If at any time your child’s health condition changes, please complete the form below and contact the school on 9553 0100.

Form 1 Student Health Care Summary


2019 School Based Vaccination Program

The Department of Health is planning to offer vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (dTpa) and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) to both Year 7 and 8 students in 2019. Previously dTpa and HPV vaccines were offered to Year 8 students only.

School Nurse

Sarah Davies

Phone Ext: 129


Sarah promotes health and wellbeing for students , staff and families and provides health education and prevention services within the school as well as the wider community. She liaises with students, families and allied services around health concerns and develops management and emergency plans for student health issues.


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