Creative Arts Specialist Program (CASP)

Create, Make, Learn, Share.

The Warnbro Community High School, The Arts Learning Area ethos aspires to create, make, learn and share the Art experience.

Through our passion, we create and maintain an environment of, enthusiasm for, respect of, and truth in a vibrant and dynamic artistic practice.

Students from the wider community who join our Creative Arts (CA) Specialist Program will encounter a solid opportunity for self-expression and cultural exploration in a safe and nurturing environment.

We promote, under guidance from teachers, risk-taking, investigation and constructive play. Students are required to ask questions of themselves and others while they develop and articulate their values.

Our overall aim is that as a student develops openness to advice and constructive criticism as they build an appreciation of the Arts, acknowledging different perspectives and developing a personal aesthetic.


The Creative Arts Specialist Programs will enhance students understanding of art forms and how they are constructed for different audiences, allowing for the demonstration of higher levels and a direct contribution to the surrounding local and wider community, further embedding The Arts as an area of academic rigour and cultural engagement at Warnbro Community High School.

Program Principles

The academic rigour and challenge of the program come from four key components:

  1. Students enrolled in the program gain exposure to a wide range of learning context
  2. Provision for extension projects is available and facilitated through several Special Arts Classes and The Arts Production Company
  3. Participation in regular authentic rich tasks, as provided in the well established Arts Learning Area’s calendar of events, is expected
  4. Support in the connecting of interdisciplinary interests of students is foreseen and encouraged through a ‘clustering’ of subject offerings throughout the LA and in the future senior year course choices of these students.

Year 6’s this year have the opportunity to apply for 2022. Applications must be sent in before 14 May 2021. Please call the school for an Application Form.

Creative Arts Specialist Program

2022 Specialist Program Application Form