“Be Difference Makers”

The Student Council strives to serve their peers and the school well. They represent the student body in various ways providing advocacy and a student voice into issues that are raised at various levels throughout the school from the school yard to the School Council (Board).


The Student Council focuses their attention on a few key areas.

  • Emotional State: how the students interact within the school community and with the schools values and expectations.
  • Community Perception: how the community thinks and feels about our school and particularly what they say about our students

While the Student Councillors will lead by example and serve their peers, they also invite other students to join them in making the school a better place. The Student Council is open to investigate, explore and collaboratively engage with the wider school community in making a positive impact at school.

The Code

Student Councillors make a commitment to each other.

  • Work Together: two are better than one
  • Take the Initiative: Do it, don’t just talk about it
  • Commit to being: each person’s contribution is needed and valued


Student Councillors undergo training to equip them with skills and strategies that will enable them to be leaders within the new generation. Training is delivered through workshops, conferences and camps.